We grow vegetables sustainably for sale at the Saturday Adams County Market from 8-1, for a Vegetable CSA, and for sale to restaurants.  Please contact us at weavingrootsfarm@gmail.com of you have any questions about restaurant sales, our market, or our CSA. We specialize in unique and heirloom varieties as well as grow tried and true standards. 

Please read below to learn about our new 2019 Vegetable CSA!

2019 Vegetable CSA

CSA Specifics

  • 20 weeks- May 25th- October 5

  • 5-7 items per week

  • $20 per week includes ~$23 worth of produce per week

  • Pick-up on Saturday from 8-12 at the Adams County Farmers Market at the Gettysburg Transit Center

  • $400 upfront cost

  • Egg share add-on from Rambling River Pastured is 5$/dozen a week for 20 weeks=$100

  • Flower Share (from us) add-on is $15 a week for 15 weeks (June 15th- Sept. 21st)=$225

What is a CSA and how does it work?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join a CSA, you are becoming a member of the farm. Your support at the start of the season helps us with the upfront cost of growing the vegetables while we provide the member with a weekly “share” of the bounty. Basically, you pay upfront, and receive weekly vegetables for the season. The members share the risks and benefits of food production and the variety of the produce received depends on the season. By eating fresh, locally grown food seasonally, you are giving your (and your families’) bodies what they actually need when they need it. For instance, at the beginning and the end of the season when it is the coldest, there are more warming greens and root vegetables available. During the hottest parts of the year, available will be lots of vegetables that are best eaten raw, grilled, or cooked lightly. This can be a new eating experience for many people, and is a great learning to try new and delicious foods and recipes. We will include some recipes with anything that may be unfamiliar and some that we think will really take what is in your box to the next level.

The Benefits of Joining A CSA

  1. It’s good for you. Joining a CSA will encourage you to eat more vegetables when they are in season- which means they are the most nutritious and flavorful.

  2. It’s fresh. Vegetables are harvested just before they are given to you, so they last longer and still contain the nutrients that you want.

  3. It’s delicious. Vegetable varieties are chosen for their flavor, and not for their ability to last in long truck or plane rides in crates. Also, kids who exposed to fresh vegetables continuously tend to like them more and be more willing to try more things!

  4. It’s local. Produce only travels 10 minutes to get to you and by buying locally, you are keeping money in your community and helping to keep our world wide food system balanced.

  5. It’s environmentally friendly. Our CSA produce isn’t loaded with unnecessary packaging and is grown with very careful consideration of our environment.

  6. It’s cost effective. Members pay less then if they bought their veggies a la carte at the market and less than the organic veggies at the grocery store. Plus, if there is something you don’t think you’ll eat, you can trade one item at the market for something of equal value- which gets rid of any waste.

How Much Food Will I Get?

The vegetable share will last 20 weeks (from May 25th- October 5th) with the option to take 2 vacation weeks off and add them on to the end (with preferably at least 3 days notice). Alternately, you can have a friend or family member pick it up, or have it donated to SCAAP. Shares that have not gotten picked up will be donated.

The share size is 5-7 items a week, which is good for 1-2 people who eat a fair amount of vegetables or 4-5 people who eat vegetables more modestly. We are keeping the shares comparable to a half-share from other farm CSAs so no member feels like they are wasting anything. If members want more vegetables then the 5-7 items, they can always buy more at the market stand during the pick-up.

The farm will be growing over 30 different types of vegetables, with many more varieties of each- 150 total! Each member should get to try at least a little of everything throughout the year. For instance, we are growing 7 varieties of cucumbers and 24 varieties of tomatoes this year! Members cannot specifically pick out which vegetables they would like each week, but we will try to make it different every week for you- and you have the option to exchange an item you may not want for equal value at the market table.

We will also provide plenty of recipes that will show off your fresh produce, tips for storing your veggies, and tricks for preserving them for a later date if you don’t think you will get to them!

How Do I Pay?

Please click the CSA Sign-up button at the top of the page. Thank will direct you to our commerce page. If you prefer to send s check, we offer a 5% discount. If you have a financial issue paying everything up front but would like to be a part, please call or email us and we can work something out that works for both parties. Also, if you are an EBT recipient, we can work out a monthly payment plan at half price.

Some produce you may receive seasonally in your share

green onions, strawberries, cucumbers, onions, head lettuce, carrots, green beans, summer squash, mixed greens, garlic scapes, kale, cherry tomatoes, edamame (soybeans), potatoes, collards, radishes, heirloom tomatoes, sweet potato greens, mustard greens, fennel, celery, bok choi, ground cherries, kohl rabi, turnips, garlic, sweet peas, okra, peanuts, nettle, chard, spinach, fava beans, arugula, sweet peppers, herbs, cabbage, tomatillos, broccoli raab, cucamelons, romaine, eggplant, potatoes, mizuna, butternut squash, italian red dandelion, beets, sweet potatoes, and plenty of herbs!